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Title: Antigonus I Drachm with Amon in left field speculation
Post by: Nathan P on February 08, 2019, 09:59:03 am
I recently picked up this coin, which I'm excited about.

I wonder if anyone has any theories on the meaning behind Antigonus having the head of Amon in left field on the reverse. I'm wondering if it might be a dig on Ptolemy related to the siege of Rhodes by Antigonos' son Demetrios (with the Rhodians being supported by Ptolemy). On advice from the oracle of Ammon, the islanders expressed their gratitude by giving Ptolemy "honors due to a god." Plus, of course, Amon was an Egyptian god, whose worship occurred smack dab in the middle of Ptolemy's territory.

Of course, it also might have been as simple as Antigonus trying to shore up the legitimacy of his rule by displaying the head of the god Alexander III claimed was his real "father."