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Title: How to store my coins?
Post by: Pavlos on July 04, 2018, 08:38:48 am
Hi there,

Since I started my collection in ancient coins I never really thought how to store/show my coins in the long term. I was thinking to make an album with sheets but I read that these sheets are PVC and can harm copper/bronze coins quite a bit in the long term. I also read about 2x2 coin flips, but I have a hard time finding an album for that, and what I don't like about it is that if I want to take my coin (because well its always nice to look your coin up close), I need to take it out of the album, out of the coin flip etc.

So I am a bit clueless what to do, I am looking to find coin sheets that are not made of PVC or coin display trays. Coin display trays look very nice as well but the upside of an album is that the coins are a bit more organized in my opinion.

Suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.

Title: Re: How to store my coins?
Post by: Dominic T on July 04, 2018, 10:52:38 am
This discussion could maybe help you

Title: Re: How to store my coins?
Post by: Nathan P on July 04, 2018, 01:11:16 pm
I don't have a ton of coins, but I've gone through a few different ideas until finally settling on an aluminum case with multiple trays (velour surface) stacked on top of one another. Each tray has compartments with different sizes but usually up to 33mm is fine for my purposes. I settled on the case/tray set-up because I like to actually take the coins out and look at them/show them to people from time to time. If I ever have more coins than can fit in one case, I'll either just get a bigger one or start working on additional case.

Title: Re: How to store my coins?
Post by: Steve P on July 04, 2018, 01:11:21 pm
Hi Pavlos M ... hey, Dominic T's link is very useful (I would definitely read through all of its great posts)

... but I wanted to show you "my" method of storing ancient coins (hey, it might not be the best, but it worked for this guy)

I kept my coins in PVC free plastic sheets, stored within several 3-ring binders (13 binders held my entire 450 coin collection)

I liked the 3-ring binders for they allowed me to include several pages of information associated with each coin (including print-outs of the threads where my coins were discussed, etc) ... far more info than a 2x2 flip

The binders were stored in a sweet 500 lbs fireproof gun safe, which was Hilti-drilled and bolted to our concrete basement floor (theft proof)

NOTE: the photos below show my safe when it contained my "modern" collection ... the 13 ancient binders were added after these photos were taken (once I started collecting ancients I never went back to collecting moderns!)

Again, this method may not work for everybody, but it certainly gave me comfort and it also allowed me to quickly add/find my coins whenever I wanted to gaze at their awesomeness


Title: Re: How to store my coins?
Post by: Andrew McCabe on July 04, 2018, 01:40:23 pm
.The binders were stored in a sweet 500 lbs fireproof gun safe...

One small comment Steve; I've heard that fireproof safes aren't ideal for ancient coin storage because the insulating material gives off a lot of water vapour and gases which might include chlorine when heated up which isn't ideal for bronzes. One might end up with green dust. With a regular non fireproof safe, the contents might get pretty warm but would stay dry. Fireproof safe are intended to keep paper documents, electronics, USB drives, hard disks etc at a really low temperature but metal coins can withstand a lot more. All this is second hand info but it makes sense to me as an engineer who has in the past worked on fire protection systems. Insulation material often is designed to absorb heat by having the heat do a lot of work converting one composition into another; what it's converted to might be bad for coins.

On the original posters question, I used Abafil trays. I do not know any collector who has tried Abafils and then gone back to albums. You are hooked they are so good. Unless your collection is enormous, Abafils seem quite space efficient. My entire collection of some 900 coins easily fits in my safe deposit box, in Abafil trays and cases, with lots of room to spare.

Title: Re: How to store my coins?
Post by: orfew on July 04, 2018, 02:07:11 pm
I also use Abafil trays and a case. I will never go back to any other method of storage. They trays are beautiful sturdy and a great showcase for one's coins.

Title: Re: How to store my coins?
Post by: Pavlos on July 04, 2018, 03:02:14 pm
Thank you so much for the replies guys. I am really doubting between PVC free sheets and display trays. What I like more about display trays is that you can easily access them and take them. What I like more about an album is that you can add information between in and its more organized. Tough decision  ???

What are your thoughts about these 2x2 coin holders? They are quite frequent among coin collectors as far as I can see.

Title: Re: How to store my coins?
Post by: Steve P on July 04, 2018, 04:40:09 pm
Andrew => thanks for your concern (I appreciate your comments)

Yes, I read those same comments about water problems in that link in post #2 ... perhaps if my house burns down then my bronze coins may get damp/ruined? However, I'm really hoping that doesn't happen ... plus, I also have an extensive paper-money collection so at least they might survive unharmed? ... man, I really don't want my house to burn down for lots of other reason as well!


NOTE => but at least that baby is definitely theft-proof! ... if somebody actually managed to get it loose from the floor bolts, then they'd have to hike it up the steep staircase! (500+ lbs would be quite a feat) ... maybe if I get burglarized by the neighbourhood furniture mover I'd be in jeopardy?

Also, when I open the safe I do not smell dampness ... on the contrary, the safe's environment seems very nice and toasty dry (maybe it's also the dry/cold climate where I live?)

Anyway => again, my method may not be for everyone, but it has worked amazingly well for me (but I'll keep an eye on my coins and paper money regularly to make sure that everything is safe & sound)


Cheers, coiners

Title: Re: How to store my coins?
Post by: Dominic T on July 04, 2018, 08:05:40 pm
Hello Steve P. Thatís what I call a SAFE !! Here in Canada, we call this a nuclear bunker ! Your coins are surely in security, and you still have plenty of space in it for all your familly  😆