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Welcome to my personal website devoted to ancient coins.

For a few years I've been kicking around the idea of making a personal website for ancient coins. It's very difficult to find anything about ancient coins that hasn't been done already. So, I have decided to make a website with general knowledge based on my own collecting experiences.

I've once heard that we are merely custodians for the ancient relics of the ancient world.

Website started May 17th, 2014.,
Website published July 22nd, 2017.

04-03-2018: Here is the first version of the new "Ancient Coin Visual Keyboard" (AC-VK) which is a virtual online keyboard for font sets on ancient coins. After you are done typing a word or legend from a coin, simply press copy and then paste it into another document. If you made a mistake or there is a glitch, just press the clear button.

The keyboard output also is rather quirky mixing left to right and right to left sentence structures. You'll have to move the carrot around with your cursor and move it to another position if there is a letter ordering issue. The font sets are also kind of buggy or quirky at times. Language support has come a long ways over the years but still has a aways to go. Some language font sets like Phoencian for example do not paste well into text editors like Notepad and also, some Phoenician letters cause characters to glitch out.

This keyboard does not work in the browser Internet Explorer. Works well in Chrome and Firefox web browsers. Opera has problems displaying Phoenician, other font sets work as expected. Phoenician and some Russian characters do not paste well into older text editors and even some newer editors. These problems are out of my control.

The keyboard sets supported are the following; Greek-Latin; Phoenician-Greek-Latin; Russian-Latin; Armenian-Latin. More to come in the future.

01-01-2018: The site has had updataes on nearly every page to edit any mistakes as well as improving navigation. Some gallery pages have been renamed and some have been eliminated and merged with other pages. Website has been announced to the public over the past few weeks to various forums.

07-13-2017: The site has been redesigned several times in the past year or so. This site will be hosted at Forum Ancient Coins. A big thanks for sure. Hasn't been posted to the public yet.

11-16-2015: Finally resumed work on my personal website. I've finished adding pages to each section as well as adding coins to every gallery category. It may be the right time to show a preview to friends.

05-17-2014: Initial design plans of setting the basic template. Finally decided to go for a plain, fast and economic site that uses very little bandwidth. It also has a 90s type design style coded in the latest HTML 4.0. The index also has a random image loader. Everytime the page is loaded, a coin out of six will be loaded.

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