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Cities of Lydia c. 50 AD8 viewsCities of Lydia c. 50 AD
1204 AD The Latin Empire and Partition of the Byzantine Empire after the 4th Crusade, c. 1204.113 viewsThe Latin Empire and the Partition of the Byzantine Empire after the 4th crusade, c. 1204; borders are approximate.
Kingdom of Lydia at the time of King Croesus316 viewsThe edge of the brown area is the border of Lydia at the middle of the 6th century BC, at the time of King Croesus. The red line was the 7th century BC border, roughly from 690 to 546 BC.
Map - Heraclea-Pontica in Bithynia519 viewsMap - Heraclea-Pontica in Bithynia
Map of Galatia436 viewsRoman province of Galatia.
Map of Ancient Troas651 viewsMap of Ancient Troas
Map - Caria, ancient region of modern Turkey577 views
Map - Ilium vel Troja (Ilium or Troy)646 viewsIlium vel Troja (Ilium or Troy)
Map - Troas and Hellespontus598 viewsTroas et Hellespontus
Map - Ionia634 viewsIonia
Map - Pergamene Kingdom, Bithynia, Galatia, Pontus487 viewsPergamene Kingdom, Bithynia, Galatia, Pontus
Map - Empire of Tigranes431 viewsEmpire of Tigranes
Map - Greek Colonization of Western Asia Minor, 11th - 8th Cent. B.C.684 viewsGreek Colonization of western Asia Minor during the Greek Dark Age (or Geometric Age) 11th-8th cent. BC
Map - Ancient Mysia452 viewsMysia was a region in the northwest of ancient Asia Minor or Anatolia (part of modern Turkey). It was located on the south coast of the Sea of Marmara. It was bounded by Bithynia on the east, Phrygia on the southeast, Lydia on the south, Aeolis on the southwest, Troad on the west and by the Propontis on the north. In ancient times it was inhabited by the Mysians, Phrygians, Aeolian Greeks, and other groups.
Map - Attalid Kingdom of Pergamon495 viewsThe Attalid dynasty was a Hellenistic dynasty that ruled the city of Pergamon after the death of Lysimachus, a general of Alexander the Great. The Attalid kingdom was the rump state left after the collapse of the Lysimachian Empire. One of Lysimachus' officers, Philetaerus, took control of the city in 282 BC. The later Attalids were descended from his father, and they expanded the city into a kingdom. Attalus I proclaimed himself King in the 230s BC, following his victories over the Galatians. The Attalids ruled Pergamon until Attalus III bequeathed the kingdom to the Roman Republic in 133 BC to avoid a likely succession crisis.
Map - Lydian Empire 663 viewsBrown - Middle of the 6th century at the time of King Croesus
Red Line - 7th C. BC, roughly from 690 to 546 BC
Map - Miletus Bay837 viewsMap in English showing the silting evolution of Miletus Bay due to the alluvium brought by the Maeander River during Antiquity. Are also displayed some of the modern cities and towns of the area, the current course of the Maeander River and the current shoreline.
Map - Anatolia (100 B.C.?)556 views
Map - Lycia, Anatolia531 views
Map - Anatolia and the Byzantine-Arab Frontier Region 842 AD680 viewsByzantine Asia Minor (Anatolia) and the Byzantine-Arab frontier region in 842 AD, with provinces and major settlements. Topography taken from DEMIS Mapserver, which are public domain, other wise self-made. Sources: W. Treadgold, The Byzantine Revival, 780-842 (1988), pp. 316, 336; The Cambridge History of the Byzantine Empire c.500-1492 (2009), p. 371; Droysen - OstrŲmisches Reich.jpg; A. Kazhdan et al., The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium (1991), p. 2035
Map - The Growth of Roman Power in Asia Minor544 views
Map - Asia Minor Under the Greeks and Romans512 views
Map - Ancient Anatolia664 viewsPolitical map of Asia Minor in 500 BC
Map - Ionia Anatolia320 views
Map - Troas382 viewsMap of the Troad, including the site of Troy.
Map - Asia Minor578 viewsAsia Minor. Including Pontus, Cappadocia, Cilicia, Pisidia, Lycia, Caria, Lydia, Mysia, Bithynia, Paphlagonia, Phrygia, and Crete.
Map - Roman Anatolia517 views200 AD Asia Minor with boundaries of the districts in Roman times.
Map - Anatolia and Syria550 viewsAnatolia and Syria
Map - Ancient Aegean501 views
Map - Ancient Asia Minor507 views
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