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Random maps - Chronological
Map - 1450 BC Nile Delta 671 views
Map - 413 BC Peloponnesian War (Tags in French)808 views
Map - Map of Europe according to Strabo381 views
Map - AD 125 Roman Empire under Hadrian585 views
Map - 218 BC The Battle of Trebia 568 viewsHannibal demonstrated his masterful military skill at Trebia; where after wearing down the superior Roman infantry he then cut it to pieces with a surprise attack and ambush from the flanks.
Map - 650 AD Byzantine Empire636 viewsThe Byzantine Empire in 650 - by this year it had lost all of its southern provinces except the Exarchate of Africa.
Map - 200 BC Kingdoms of the Diadochi1100 viewsKingdoms of the Diadochi (Successors of Alexander the Great's Macedonian empire) at the beginning of the struggle with Rome about 200 BC.
Republic of Epirus: Epirote League, 231–167 BC
Macedonian Kingdom: Philip V, 221 - 179 BC
Odrysian kingdom of Thrace: Seuthes IV, 215 - 190 BC
Bosporan Kingdom: Hygiainon (Spartocids), 220 - 200 BC
Bosporan Kingdom: Spartacus V (Spartocids), 200 - 180 BC
Pergamene Kingdom: Attalus I, 241 - 197 BC
Kingdom of Bithynia: Prusias I, 228 - 182 BC
Kingdom of Pontus: Mithridates III, 220 - 185 BC
Kingdom of Cappadocia: Ariarathes IV, 220 - 163 BC
Seleukid Empire: Antiochus III the Great, 223 - 187 BC
Armenian Kingdom: Orontes IV (Orontid dynasty), 212 - 200 BC
Armenia Kingdom: Abdissares (Orontid dynasty), 210 - 190 BC
Media Atropatene: Seuthes IV, c. 215 - 190 BC
Parthian Empire: Arsaces II (Arsacid dynasty), 211 - 185 BC
Greco-Bactrian Kingdom: Euthydemus I (House of Euthydemus), 230 - 200 BC
Greco-Bactrian Kingdom/Indo-Greek Kingdom: Demetrius I (House of Euthydemus), 200 - 180 BC
Ptolemaic Kingdom: Ptolemy V Epiphanes, 204 - 181 BC
Map - 842 AD Anatolia and the Byzantine-Arab Frontier Region544 viewsByzantine Asia Minor (Anatolia) and the Byzantine-Arab frontier region in 842 AD, with provinces and major settlements. Topography taken from DEMIS Mapserver, which are public domain, other wise self-made. Sources: W. Treadgold, The Byzantine Revival, 780-842 (1988), pp. 316, 336; The Cambridge History of the Byzantine Empire c.500-1492 (2009), p. 371; Droysen - Oströmisches Reich.jpg; A. Kazhdan et al., The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium (1991), p. 2035

Last additions - Chronological
550 B.C. Greek and Phoenician Colonies, Lydian Kingdom, Thracians and Illyrians83 views550 B.C. Greek and Phoenician Colonies, Lydian Kingdom, Thracians and Illyrians.Jun 10, 2018
Gepidia at its largest territorial extent34 viewsThe Gepids reached the zenith of their power after 537, settling in the rich area around Singidunum (today's Belgrade). For a short time, the city of Sirmium (present-day Sremska Mitrovica) was the center of the Gepid State and the king Cunimund minted golden coins in it. In 546 the Byzantine Empire allied themselves with the Lombards, and in 552 the Gepids suffered a disastrous defeat from Alboin, king of the Lombards, in the Battle of Asfeld, after which Alboin had a drinking cup made from the skull of Cunimund.

List of Gepid kings
Ardaric, fl. c. 454
Thraustila, fl. 488
Thrasaric, fl. 505
Elemund, ?-548
Thurisind, 548-c. 560
Cunimund, c. 560-567

May 23, 2018
Roman Empire 117 AD - Senatorial Provinces, Imperial Provinces and Client States118 viewsRoman Empire 117 AD - Senatorial Provinces, Imperial Provinces and Client States. Mar 17, 2018
Hellenistic Kingdoms 300 B.C. 123 viewsHellenistic Kingdoms 300 B.C. Feb 22, 2018
Map - Ptolemaic Kingdom, 200 B.C.120 viewsPtolemaic Kingdom, 200 B.C. During the reign of Ptolemy V.

Feb 22, 2018
The Late Roman fortifications of the “Saxon Shore” (litus Saxonicum) in Britain and northern France.120 viewsThe Late Roman fortifications of the “Saxon Shore” (litus Saxonicum) in Britain and northern France.

The Saxon Shore (Latin: litus Saxonicum) was a military command of the late Roman Empire, consisting of a series of fortifications on both sides of the English Channel. It was established in the late 3rd century and was led by the "Count of the Saxon Shore". In the late 4th century, his functions were limited to Britain, while the fortifications in Gaul were established as separate commands. Several Saxon Shore forts survive in east and south-east England.
Jan 20, 2018
The Roman world in 50 BC after Caesar's conquest of Gallia163 viewsThe Roman world in 50 BC after Caesar's conquest of Gallia. (Note: Map doesn't show subordinate Roman client kingdoms in Anatolia and the Levant.)Nov 18, 2017
Macedonia and the Aegean world c.200 B.C.137 viewsMacedonia and the Aegean world c.200 B.C.Nov 06, 2017