Fleur de coin (FDC)

Mint State plus all characteristics are superb - well centered, mint luster, exceptional strike, and so forth. No flaws will be described because there are none. This grade is very rarely used by FORVM.

ERIC The Encyclopedia of Roman Imperial Coins

FDC is French for Fleur de Coin, the ne plus ultra of the numismatic world. It's a term unfortunately much abused by both the inexperienced and those of shaky morals who will indiscriminately give any coin the grade without a second thought, often adding a few seemingly prerequisite + or ! signs to drive home the point. Sigh. A real FDC coin needs no such gimmicky hype for it should be instantly breathtaking and considered the very paradigm of that type. In fact, a purist will say that by definition this excludes all bronzes by mere reason of their toning which, however attractive, has degraded them from perfection. Whatever. It‟s ok to ignore any coin marketed as FDC that does not instantly dazzle.