The personification of Victory for the Romans, as Nike was among the Greeks. She is winged, resembling an angel except angels are male. See the |Dictionary of Roman Coins| entry below.

|Dictionary of Roman Coins|

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Victoria. The personification of Victory among the Romans as Nike was among the Greeks. The type of Victory is one of frequent occurrence on coins and may be found on the early pieces of Campania, on the Victoriates, on those of the Republic, and on those of the Imperial and Byzantine series. Among the more usual types with the legend VICTORIA AVG (Augusti), VICTORIA AVGG. or VICTORIA AVGGG. (Augustorum) may be mentioned -- Victory seated, Victory standing foot on helmet, or leaning against a column or shield, standing on a globe, Victory erecting a trophy, Victory in a biga or quadriga, Victory flying, Victory writing on a shield, Victory walking holding a wreath or palm or trophy (a very common type), Vicotry crowning emperor, trophy, gate of a camp, Emperor standing holding standard or labarum and globe surmounted by Victory, Victory standing holding a cross, etc.
VICTORIA. Victory standing, facing, placing upon an altar or a base a shield on which P. R. (Populi Romani). Obv. SER (Servius) GALBA IMP. Head of Galba to r., laureated. AV from Caqylus (250 francs), AR (50 francs).
VICTORIA. Victory writing AVG. (Augusti) on a shield placed on a column, on sivler coins of Pecennius Niger from Vaillant (250 francs) and of Septimius Severus from Wicazay (10 francs).
VICTORIA. Victory standign to l., near an altar, holding wreath and palm. Obv. IMP. TETRICVS P. F. AVG. Busto of Tetricus I to r., radiated. AE 3 (3 francs).
VICTORIA. Justin I standing to l., holding a long cross--on small brass coins of Justin I (10 francs).
VICTORIA (sic.) Female figure standign to l., holding wreath and diadem. Obv. IMP TETRICVS V. Bust of Tetricus I to r., radiated. AE 3 (3 francs).

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