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     SENATVS. -- The emperor in imperial or
senatorial habit, richly ornamented with the
clavus latus, holding in his right hand a globe,

and in his left a sceptre. In the exergue SMTS.
This beautiful gold medallion of Constantine
the Great forms the vignette to the second
volume of Mr. Akerman's "Rare and Unedited
Roman Coins."  He observes it is most probably
unique. The obverse shows the bust of
Constantine arrayed in robes covered with
ornament, holding a globe in his left hand ; and
a sceptre, surmounted by an eagle, in the right.
It was struck at Treves, in compliment to the
emperor and the senate.

     SENATVS  - - - NVS.   -- Victory walking,
holds a shield in her right hand, on which is
insribed VI. AV.
   Eckhel gives the above from a silver coin of
Vitellius, in the imperial cabinet, and, filling up
the letters in which are wanting in the legend thus : SENATVS RomaNVS, he remarks that the
inscription appears in this case for the first time
on the coinage of the Romans. "By its type
(he adds) the senate rejoices at the August Victory (VIctoria AVgusta) gained by Vitellius over
Otho."  -- Vol. vi. p. 317.

-- GENIO SENATVS P.Q.R., in Gallienus.
-- MATer SENatus, a title given to Julia Domna.
-- PATER SENATVS, in Commodus.
-- PATRES SENATVS, in Balbinus.
-- PIETATI SENATVS, in Commodus.

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