Latin abbreviation: Mars Propugnatori - to Mars, the Defender (Champion).


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    MARS PROPVGnator, and MARS PROPVGNATori. (Mars the Champion or Defender.)----A helmeted figure, clothed in armour, walking, with spear and buckler. The former legend appears on a silver piece of Gordianus Pius, and the latter on a denarius of Gallienus, who, as his coins teach us, paid particular adoration to Mars. Indeed he is known to have raised a temple to the worship of that divinity in the Circus Flaminus, and to have called the god Propugnator. See Hostilianus.----Well indeed he might, being at that period sore pressed in every quarter of his government by both civil and foreign wars. (Vaillant.)----There is a second brass of Constantine which presents on its reverse the naked figure of Mars, with spear and buckler, marching, and the inscription MARTI PATRI PROPVGNATORI.

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