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    LIBERALITAS AVG II (or III).---- The type of a Congiarium, in which the Emperor, seated on an estrade, is distributing presents.---- On gold of Antoninus Pius; also with legend of LIBERALITAS AVG VII IMP VIII COS II; on a first brass of the same Emperor.

    We perceive from his coins that the first Liberality exercised by this Emperor took place in his second Consulate. The third Consulate offers two following each other. Capitolinus in many passages of his history notices the congiaria and the donatives bestowed by Antonine, and vini, olei, et tritici, penuriam per aerarii sui damna emendo, et gratis populo dando, sedavit. But he mentions these generally without making mention of the time. Of these liberalities, however, which the coins in question extol, one doubtless seems to have been that of which Capitolinus speaks thus----Nupitas filae suae Faustinae usque ad donativum militum celeberrimas fecit.

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