Victor (Flavius)

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Flavius Victor, the son of Magnus Maximus, who ruled Spain, Gaul, and Britain AD 383, was associated by his father in the empire with the title of Augustus. Magnus Maximus was defeated by Theodosius I on the banks of the Save, and fled to Aquileia, but was given up by the people and killed by the soldiers. Arbogastes, the genaral of Theodsius I, seized Flavius Victor, who had been left in Gaul, and put him to death in AD 388.

The obverse legend of the coins of Flavius Victor is D N FL VICTOR P F AVG. The reverse legends are:

Gold coins:
- BONO REIPVBLICAE NATI, Magnus Maximus and Flavius Victor seated facing holding a globe, between them a Victory facing; in the exergue TROB
- VICTORIA AVGVSTORVM, Victory seated, in exergue MDOB
- VIRTVS ROMANORVM, Rome seated; in the exergue MD P S

Silver Coins:
- SPES ROMANORVM, praetorian camp; in the exergue ANLOP?
- VICTORIA AVGVSTORVM, Victory walking, in the exergue AQ P S
- VIRTVS ROMANORVM, Rome seated; in the exergue AQ P S or MD P S or TR P S

Third brass coins:
- SPES ROMANORVM, open gate of the camp, surmounted with two towers, between which a star; in the exergue LVG P
-- P CON
-- SM
-- SMES 

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