Essays Carson-Jenkins

Price, M.J., et al. Essays in Honor of Robert Carson and Kenneth Jenkins. (London, 1993).

Articles include:

Ashton, R. “A revised arrangement for the earliest coinage of Rhodes”

Bland, R. “The Coinage of Jotapian”

Cribb, J. “The ‘Heraus’ coins: their attribution to the Kushan king Kujula Kadphises, c. AD 30-80” 

Hersh, C. “A Sicilian Quadrigatus Mint”

Le Rider, G. “Les ressources financieres de Seleucos IV (187-175) et le paiment de l’indemnite aux Romains”

Price, M.J. “More from the Memphis and the Syria| 1989 hoard”

Westermark, U. “The Staters of Archelaus, a Die Study”