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EMESA or EMISA, Syriae, Colonia; near the region of Mount Lebanon, situate on the Orontes, and now called Hams. It was the native place of Julia Domna, wife of Severus, and mother of Caracalla. The latter emperor conferred upon it the rank of Roman colony. Emesa contained a temple of the Sun, in which Elagabalus officiated as a priest before he was made emperor. The coins of this city are imperial in brass (except one small medallion in potin.) The legends are exclusively Greek, from Domna to Alexander Severus, including the unique coin of Sulpicius Antoninus (Tanini, Supp. p. 116). The types of the reverse are mostly - Head of the Sun; Eagle on a cone-formed stone; turreted woman; basilicae, and temples. - Mionnet, v. 227, and Suppt. viii. 156

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