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Brundusium, a city of Calabria (or rather of Apulia), on the coast of the Adriatic sea, now called Brindisi, in the Terra di Otranto (Finibus Terrae), Kingdom of Naples [Brindisi, Italy: port city and the ancient Appian Way was extended to this city]. In the time of the Romans it was the chief resort of persons going from Italy to Greece. Horace has described the road from Rome to this place, in the fifth satire of his first book. Both Eckhel and Mionnet include Brundusium in their respective catalogues of Roman colonia. Vaillant gives non of its coins, which according to Mionnet consist only of Latin autonomes, in small and middle brass, almost exclusively bearing the legend BRUN; and the types consist of a laurelled and bearded head (of Neptune or Jupiter), or a naked male figure (Arion) riding on a dolphin, holding in the right hand a victoriola that crowns him, and in the left a lyre, with the mark of a Semis.

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