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ATTILA, or Atila, or Ateula, King of the Huns, Goths, and Danes, was called the "dread of the world"--the "scourge of God."  He succeeded to the government of these "Northmen," A.D. 434.  After ravaging the provinces of the east, and compelling the Emperor Theodosius the Second to pay him tribute, he returned to his own dominions, having triumphed both in the Italian and in the Illyrian wars.  he was contemplating the invasion of Asia and Africa at the moment when, enslaved by lust and debauchery, he lost his reason, amidst feasting and concubinage, and died of a flow of blood from the nostrils, c. 454.  The pieces attributed to this extraordinary man inscribed AEVLA, or ATIVLA, and also ATIL. are said by Eckhel, Hennin and other, not to be his, but coins of Gaulish chiefs. 

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