Ame De La Medaille

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AME de la Médaille. - This expression is ingeniously enough applied by some French numismatists, of the elder school, to the Legend, which they profess to regard as the "soul of the coin," whilst they designate the type, or figures, as the body. "For example (says Pére Jobert), we see on a (silver) medal of Augustus, two hands, joined, holding a caducens, between two horns of Amalthea - this is the body. - The word PAX, which is engraved on the medal, marks the peace which the prince had restores to the common-wealth of Rome, in reconciling himself with Mark Antony, which had brought back happiness and abundance to the people - this is the soul. And on a medal of Nerva, by means of the word CONCORDIA EXERCITVVM, the same two hands joined [holding a military ensign on the prow of a vessel], served to mark the fidelity of the soldiers, both by sea and land, to their new Emperor." - Science des Médailles. i. 216

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